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What is an eBill?
An eBill is an online version of your paper bill that you receive via your e-mail. The bill will be in a PDF format, allowing you to view your invoice at your convenience.

What are the advantages of signing up for eBilling?
• Less paper clutter at home.
• No more waiting for paper bills.
• Additional time to review and pay a bill prior to the due date since there are no delays from standard mail delivery.
• Bills are more up-to-date because of reduced lag time between production and delivery.
• eBills eliminate the use of paper which is a benefit to the environment.

How do I sign up for eBilling?
E-mail the Saba Electric Company at billing@sabaelecnv.com with:
• the e-mail address you want your bills to be sent to,
• along with your location number(s),
• the name and address that is on your bill.
You can also sign up in person at our office at any time.

What should I do if I have signed up for eBilling but I have not received any bills?
• Check the junk mail to ensure that the mail from Saba Electric Company is not being sent to your junk mail. If that is the situation, you may need to changethe filter settings or try adding Saba Electric Company to your contact list.
• Providing that it is not in the junk mail, you may need to confirm your e-mail address and account information with SEC N.V.
• Adding another e-mail address is also a possibility.

How do I cancel eBilling and switch back to a paper bill?
You can cancel eBilling at any time. Reply to your eBill and place opt out as the subject or Contact Customer Care to cancel this service and revert to paper bills.

What programs are required for viewing my bill?
Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the bills. All bills are sent in a PDF format. The link for Adobe Acrobat Reader is sent with the eBill and can be downloaded for free at any time.

If I sign up for eBilling do I have to make my payments online?
No, you can pay at our office in The Bottom as well.

Do I need to bring a copy of the invoice when paying my bill?
No. The purpose of eBilling is to reduce paper. To pay your bills all you need is your location or meter number. With this the cashiers can locate your account in the system for your payment.

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