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  Request of 27 October 1961 by Mr. E.W. Linzey to get the Statutes approved for the Saba Elctric Company N.V.  This was approved by the Minister of Justice Mr. R.J.Isa on December 27th, 1961.

On April 24th, 1961 the Central Government made a proposal to Mr. Elmer W. Linzey to purchase 151 shares of the Saba Electric Company.

The Saba Electric Company was established by Notarial deed on August thirteenth nineteen hundred and fifty nine (August 13th, 1959) with an inital capital of US $30.000) and the shares were held by Mr. Elmer W. Linzey and his aunt Mrs. Atthello Maude Jackson widow of Eugene Edward, both of them living in Brooklyn New York at the time. In a shareholders meeting of Friday september 1st 1963, it was agred that Mr. Elmer Linzey's salary as director, motorist and chief mechanic would be fls.350.-- per month (three hundred and fifty guilders).

On February 19th, 1966 Mrs. Edwards sold all her remaining shares in the Saba Electric Company to the Government of the Netherlands Antilles.

1963, October 20th, Electricity becomes available in The Bottom.

1964. Electricity reaches Windwardside and St. John's on January 23rd and Hell's Gate later than same year.

1970, December 24th, Saba gets 24 hour electrical current.. The company was then part of the GEBE.

On January 1st 2012 the GEBE was disolved and the Saba Electric Company N.V.  was brought back into operation as a stand alone electric company for Saba.

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