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  Non-residential Connection and rates:
Non-residential connections are for all properties that are not being that are not being used asresidential purposes, such as companies, villa rentals, non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, and other organizations. Saba Electric Company requires a deposit and signing of the contract before the service is connected.

Security Deposit:
The purpose of the deposit is to secure payment to SEC NV for electricity consumed. SEC NV reserves the right to amend the deposit amounts. SEC NV will assess usage based on electrical appliances installed (or to be installed) and will charge a deposit based on the monthly estimated usage. All deposits are refundable, less any balance due for electricity consumed, when the related account is closed.

Electricity deposit for Standard non-residential Connection:
Meter Type Cost USD
1 Phase Meter: USD 200.00
2 Phase Meter: USD 280.00
3 Phase Meter: USD 561.80

New meter (Meter needs to be installed)
New non-residential properties are subject to the KVA fee. This is a one-time non-refundable charge forconnection the new non-residential property to the distribution network. This amount is based on the electrical demand KVA or Amperage requested by the client.

3.2 KVA USD. 200.00
7.7 KVA USD. 450.00
13.3 KVA USD. 1405.00

For connections with an estimated maximum demand higher than 13.3 KVA, a base fee of USD. 1405.00 is charged of every addition block of 5 KVA

The estimate will be based on the data supplied by the customer when applying for the connection. If after the connection has been completed, the actual maximum demand exceeds the estimate, the fee concerned can be adapted. The connection fee entitles the owner of the property to the corresponding maximum.

Group Usage Base Rate USD
Commercial Tariff 21

0-25 kWh 4.08
  26 kWh 0.1404494
  375 kWh 0.12921340
Commercial tariff 22 0-100 kWh 19.66
  100 kWh 0.14044940
  1000 kWh 0.12921340
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