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Saba Electric Company N.V. (SEC) is the sole supplier of electricity on the Public Entity Saba in the Dutch Caribbean, operating a power plant and an expansive transmission and distribution network throughout the island. With its power plant at the Fort Bay Harbor, SEC provides electricity to approximately 1200 customers.

As a responsible energy company, Saba Electric Company is committed to providing its customers with reliable and cost-effective electricity. Power up Saba! This is our credo at SEC. Our dedicated production and distribution teams work steadfastly to power up the homes, businesses and lives of our customers, while our friendly in-office staff provides our customers with quality service. With investments in renewable energy, SEC is equally committed to the well-being of Saba’s environment. We at SEC believe in producing affordable and sustainable electricity in an environmentally-conscious manner for our customers. Thanks to SEC’s underground transmission and distribution network, the future of Saba looks much brighter, especially during hurricane season when power outages are common. Saba Electric Company continues to strive for excellence in the field of electricity production in order to provide its valued customers with a quality product and service.

Tender Announcement:
Saba Electric Company Solar Park 2

With its first Solar Park becoming operational in 2018, Saba Electric Company N.V. (SEC) intends to realize a second Solar Park combined with
a Battery Storage System on Saba to pursue its goal of having a
sustainable island.

By means of a public procurement, SEC invites Candidates to participate in the tender procedure for its Second Solar Park (with a total AC capacity of at least 1 MW) and Battery Storage (of at least 1.5 MWh), combined with an Operate and Maintain Contract.

To receive the RfP, interested Candidates must first submit to SEC a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Interested Candidates can request the NDA at info@sabaelecnv.com. The tender documentation will be available until December 10th, 2017. Candidates must submit in PDF format the signed NDA on or prior to this date in order to receive the RfP.

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